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Deliveries of Taurus to Ukraine: a German general assessed whether these missiles will help influence the course of the war

The head of the special headquarters for Ukrainian issues at the German Ministry of Defense, Christian Freuding, spoke about the supply of Taurus cruise missiles to Kyiv. The major general answered whether these weapons could help the Ukrainian Armed Forces influence the course of hostilities.

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In an interview with rnd, a representative of the German Defense Ministry assessed whether Taurus missiles could turn the situation at the front in favor of Ukrainian forces, NBN informs.

According to the general, the Ukrainian Armed Forces are already using long-range weapons provided by allied states. Freuding believes that no weapon system is a turning point or a panacea in the war.

The Berlin representative noted that what is much more important is how the command of the Ukrainian army uses the means that it has at its disposal. He emphasized that this is the key to success at the front, and not “symbolic miracle weapons.”

Freuding added that it is now much more important to engage in long-term structured development of the potential of the Ukrainian troops and in this process the Federal Republic of Germany will take over leading role.

Earlier, the head of the German Ministry of Defense commented on rumors about an exchange of missiles between Berlin and London to supply Taurus to Ukraine.

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