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Direct railway communication between the Russian Federation and Crimea has been “broken”: Andryushchenko reported details of the destruction of an important facility

ByJohn Newman

Jan 7, 2024

Representatives of the local resistance movement, including residents of the Mariupol region, provided evidence of the successful operation of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, and also provided “passage” to the site of the destruction of the military logistics facility of the invaders, and now it has become known which one.

Photo – t.me/andriyshTime

About the fact that yesterday, January 6, soldiers of the Defense Forces of our country “recycled” a railway bridge built at 50 percent, the introduction of which expanded its operation ;would be routing between the terrorist state and the temporarily occupied Crimean peninsulas, writes NBN, referring to information posted in the Telegram channel of the adviser to the mayor of Mariupol, Peter Andryushchenko.

According to Andryushchenko, on Saturday, the Ukrainian army, with a targeted attack, destroyed not only the unfinished railway bridge itself, but also tanks with fuel, as well as engineering vehicles in the vicinity of Granitnoye. Putin’s invading troops tried to shoot down our missiles, but the territory of the engineering base itself performed excellently as “effective Russian air defense.”

In addition, as a result of persistent attempts to shoot down the Ukrainian “heavenly punishment”, the location of new enemy air defense systems in the Mariupol region was revealed – this data has already been transferred to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Earlier, we wrote about that Andryushchenko showed how the occupiers are trying to “cover up the traces” of their war crimes in Mariupol.


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