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Director Bodnarchuk admitted what collaboration with Ani Lorak in 2014 he considers “the apotheosis of cynicism”

Ukrainian production director Oleg Bodnarchuk recalled his work with singer Ani Lorak, which now, in his words, looks like “the apotheosis of cynicism.” He also admitted when he crossed out the artist, with whom he had been friends for many years, from his life.

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In an interview with OBOZ.UA, the director said that for many years he considered the singer his friend and after a full-scale attack by the Russian army on Ukraine, he expected an anti-war statement from her for more than a month, NBN reports.

In addition, the singer knew that at the start of the war Bodnarchuk was with his wife and three children in a house near Kiev . However, the artist never asked what was wrong with him and his family. The star never condemned the Russian invasion, so the director crossed her out of his life once and for all.

Bodnarchuk worked on several celebrity shows, in particular on DIVA concerts, and also acted as a creative producer of the video for the song “Malva” . According to him, in 2014 it was he who convinced the artist to sing this ballad by Vladimir Ivasyuk.

According to him, then such a proposal to the artist seemed correct, but now this collaboration with her looks like “the apotheosis of cynicism.”

Earlier it became known that Ani Lorak financially supports the deportation of Ukrainian children to Russia.

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