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Discounts of up to 30% on utilities: the PFU explained who can receive

The government of our country has introduced amendments to the previously existing laws regarding the allocation of social assistance for the payment of utility bills, which can be received as early as 2024.

Discounts up to 30 % for utilities: the PFU explained who can get it

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About the fact that in accordance with the norms of the updated social legislation, several categories of citizens have appeared entitled to preferential payment for housing and communal services (housing, communal services), even if the housing area exceeds the appropriate standards, writes NBN, citing its Facebook account Pension Fund of Ukraine (PFU).

As it became known, disabled, non-working elderly people living independently and receiving benefits for long service/loss of a breadwinner/disability were included in the preferential list. Thus, even if there is an “excessive” housing area, then the right to a 30 percent discount on “utilities” is available to:

  • individuals to whom the state accrues social assistance for disability from childhood ;
  • individuals who do not have the right to a pension benefit/individuals with disabilities who receive state social assistance;
  • individuals who are paid temporary state social assistance who have reached 60+ years of age , but not entitled to receive an “age-related” allowance.

Earlier we wrote about the fact that the PFU explained whether can count on receiving a subsidy while working part-time.


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