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Duda does not believe that Russia will invade NATO territory

Polish leader Andrzej Duda believes that the troops of the Russian Federation will not invade the territory of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. According to the president, the weak are attacked, so NATO countries need to be strong.

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The head of Poland does not believe that the troops of the aggressor country will attack any state of the North Atlantic Alliance, since NATO will be ready for this, NBN reports with reference to the publication Fakt.

According to the politician, a terrorist state will not invade the territory of a military-political bloc, provided that the members of the organization are strong. Duda noted that they attack the weak and those who can be easily defeated.

The President added that if Kremlin head Vladimir Putin knew what awaited him and his occupation forces in Ukraine, he would not attack a neighboring state.

At the same time, Lithuania considers the scenario of a surprise attack by Russian troops on the territory of the Alliance possible. The head of the country's Foreign Ministry said that NATO cannot wait for a repetition of the Pearl Harbor scenario.

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