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Duda listed NATO countries for which a Russian attack would be inevitable in the event of Ukraine’s defeat

Polish leader Andrzej Duda believes that a number of NATO countries are vulnerable to Russian aggression. The President listed the Alliance states for which an attack by Putin's army would be inevitable in the event of Ukraine's defeat.

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Photo – Marek Borawski/KPRP

The head of Poland said during the economic forum in Qatar that the troops of the Russian Federation will attack other states if they win the war against Ukraine, reports “NBN” with reference to Bloomberg.

According to the president, in the event of Ukraine's defeat, the invasion of Putin's army into the territory of neighboring countries and NATO states is inevitable. Duda believes that Russian invaders may attack Poland, Finland or the Baltic countries.

The Polish leader also explained why Warsaw is not transferring the Patriot air defense system to Kyiv. According to the head of state, now his country does not have such an opportunity, since it is just beginning to receive the ordered systems and finalize its air defense.

Recall that the former commander of the NATO army in Europe, Wesley Clark, said how long it will take “ second army of the world” to start a war on the territory of the Alliance in the event of victory over Ukraine.

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