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Errors in the work book: what negligence when filling out can deprive Ukrainians of their pensions

ByJohn Newman

Feb 11, 2024

Incorrect entries or blots in the work book may be grounds for refusal to accrue work experience when applying for an “age” benefit.

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Errors in the work book: what negligence when filling out can deprive Ukrainians of their pension

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What shortcomings in the records made before 2004 (before the transition to electronic registration) should potential pensioners pay attention to, writes NBN, citing the material from Faktov-ICTV.

When leaving for a “well-deserved rest”, a citizen must provide the Pension Fund of Ukraine with a proper package of documents, which will serve as the basis for assigning a disability benefit, and one of such “papers” is a work book, with all the data entered in it regarding the work experience of the future pensioner.

In particular, both upon employment and upon dismissal from a job, the following columns must be filled out in the work book, specifying:

  • Full name of the employee;
  • full name of the company;
  • signature of the person preparing the records;
  • official seal of the company.

When If the specified data is absent or obvious errors/corrections are made in it, the work book itself may be declared invalid. In particular, to determine the entire length of service, the HR department is required to enter two dates – admission and dismissal (in the same ink color).

Also, if a mistake is made, simply crossing it out is prohibited – the entry must be located separately, with the signatures of the person in charge and the employee at the inscription “Believe the added information” and the seal of the enterprise.

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