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Even tomorrow missiles can reach – Zelensky named countries for which there is a threat from the Russian Federation

Head of State Vladimir Zelensky is convinced that Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin can transfer the war to the territory of the North Atlantic Alliance by telling which countries will be under threat.

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Ukrainian leader in an interview with CBS News recalled that the head of the Kremlin strives to restore the USSR within its geographical borders. Taking this into account, the threat of war hangs over Kazakhstan, the Baltic countries, Poland and Germany, at least half of which is of interest to Putin, NBN reports.

The President believes that the Russian dictator can transfer hostilities to NATO territory and, in the event of a war breaking out in Europe, US citizens will have to defend the region, because their country is a member of the Alliance.

According to Zelensky, the States and Europe must understand that “even tomorrow missiles can reach” any country . The head of Ukraine believes that the leader of the Russians has a grudge against the collapse of the world before the Cold War, and he will not forgive the West for the “80s and the end of the 90s.”

Earlier, the Ukrainian president assessed the “readiness” of the Kremlin dictator for dialogue and spoke about a pause in the war.

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