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Experts named products whose cost in Ukraine will increase from March

The blocking of borders by European farmers situationally plays a significant role in the pricing of a number of food products in Ukraine – while domestic products are not allowed into the EU, they remain somewhat cheaper on the domestic market than they could be.

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About the fact that With the arrival of spring, prices on the store shelves of our country will rise not only for vegetable products, but also for some “related” products, writes NBN, citing the forecasts of numerous analysts published by the Korotko publication. about.”

As it became known, in less than 2 weeks, little by little, but steadily, prices will begin to rise:

However, the cost of individual categories of products will remain unchanged, since they are produced at local agricultural enterprises, and ;this applies to:

Earlier, we wrote about how prices for ordinary chicken eggs have changed in this month in Ukraine.

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