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Experts tell us whether it is worth covering the camera on a laptop to ensure privacy

Some owners of laptop computers believe that it is absolutely necessary to cover the camera “eye” of their own laptop with electrical tape, which supposedly helps maintain anonymity on the Internet and will prevent attackers from gaining access to video data, as well as seeing the person working on a PC.

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About the fact that gluing the camera is a good way to protect yourself, but there are some nuances, writes NBN, citing the iTECHua material.

For example, the occurrence of negative consequences can be caused by too thick a layer of glue on the ;insulating tape—the camera lens will not only be dirty, but the interference will block the light sensor, as a result of which the display will no longer “adjust” to the surrounding conditions and adequately change brightness.

It is recommended not to use physical blocking the camera, and install special programs that block the broadcast of the video signal. Only if the user is not too confident in his “computer literacy” can you use adhesive tape, albeit as thin as possible—this is enough to distort the image.

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