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German intelligence named the most likely year of a Russian attack on NATO countries

ByJohn Newman

Mar 16, 2024

Over the past weeks, several European countries that are members of the North Atlantic Alliance have already warned about the increased risk of aggression from the Russian Federation, giving an approximate time frame – “within 5-8 years”, but there is time left much less.

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German intelligence has named the most likely year of the Russian attack on NATO countries

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About the fact that the German intelligence services carried out a thorough analysis of the likelihood of a military threat from Russia, in which it is indicated that from 2026, Putin’s army, apparently, will attack the territory NATO member states, writes NBN, citing Business Insider material.

In accordance with the assessment of the German intelligence services, the Russian Federation is preparing for a full-fledged conflict with Western countries, as evidenced by the process of reorganization of the “second army of the world” “, the transfer of troops, as well as the deployment of missile systems in the west of the country, including the expansion of the Russian military-industrial complex (military-industrial complex or “defense”).

In particular, the increase in the capacity of the Russian “defense” industry will soon lead to  that Russia will double its military potential, and this will last for less than 5 years, especially, unpleasant forecasts concern the conventional weapons sector.

German analysts emphasized that it can no longer be ruled out that that the Russian Federation will carry out an attack on at least some part of the territory of the Alliance “from 2026”, for example, on the Baltic states or Finland.

We previously wrote about that that Estonian intelligence reported the time it would take for the Russian Federation to strengthen its army for the invasion of NATO countries.


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