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Gudkov revealed the purpose for which Putin signed a new law on citizenship for foreigners

ByJohn Newman

Jan 9, 2024

Recently, Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin signed a decree that allows certain categories of Ukrainians and other foreigners who signed a contract with the Russian Defense Ministry to almost automatically receive citizenship of a terrorist state. Russian opposition politician Gennady Gudkov explained why a war criminal took such a step.

Gudkov revealed the purpose for which Putin signed a new law on citizenship for foreigners

Photo – rbc.ru

The oppositionist, commenting on the new decree of the head of the Kremlin on citizenship for foreigners, explained that the troops of the aggressor country are suffering huge losses in the war in Ukraine, and Putin is thus trying to compensate for them.

NBN reports this with reference to Channel 24.

According to Gudkov, the Kremlin is running out of “cannon fodder”; it is trying to lure Russians into war with large compensations – up to 5 million rubles for a serious injury and up to 7 million for the dead. However, apparently, this scheme is no longer working, so the dictator decided to distribute Russian passports to foreigners who will go to fight in the ranks of the occupiers.

The politician added that the mobilization strategy was also unsuccessful, the Russians are sending representatives of marginalized people to the front layers of society and do not properly prepare soldiers for combat. Therefore, the losses of Putin’s troops are rapidly growing.

The oppositionist is convinced that now the head of the Russian Federation is ready to offer people anything, as long as they agree to participate in the so-called “special operation.”

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