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Gumenyuk commented on statements by military analysts about the “successes” of the invaders at Rabotino

ByJohn Newman

Mar 20, 2024

The day before, military analysts of the Deep State project informed that Putin’s army allegedly advanced near the village of Verbovoye, towards the village of Rabotino.

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Photo – facebook.com/natusya.humenyuk

About ;that now in the Rabotino area in the Zaporozhye direction the situation remains complex and dynamic, but this is a completely normal and logical development of military events, writes NBN, citing the explanation of OK South Speaker Natalia Gumenyuk, made on on the YouTube channel “Radio Liberty”.

According to Gumenyuk, in open spaces such as the Zaporozhye region, the line of contact is quite mobile. In in particular, changes in positions can occur even over over 24 hours both by several meters and by several tens of meters.

However, all of the above is not so critical , since this is a normal development of combat events. However, it should be noted that the “second army of the world” does not stop attacking, the occupiers continue to put pressure, and due to their quantitative advantage they can afford to carry out “meat assaults.”

The speaker of the OK South” emphasized that the key form of pressure on the part of the “liberators” here is groups of up to squads, concentrated from different sections of the front and directed at the positions of the Defense Forces.

Earlier we wrote about that that Gumenyuk explained why the occupiers took a break from massive rocket attacks on Ukraine.


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