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Gumenyuk revealed the reason for the activation of air defense forces of neighboring states during the “Shahed” attacks on Ukraine

On the night of February 11, the invaders launched 45 Geranium-2-Shaheds across Ukraine (40 shot down), targeting 26 attack drones at the southern regions of our country, and, as it became known, the Romanian Air Force responded to this attack, raising their fighters.

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NBN writes about the fact that the aggressor country of the Russian Federation almost constantly sends its kamikaze drones close to the state border of Ukraine, thus trying to protect the UAVs from the elimination of our air defense, citing an explanation voiced by the head of the joint coordination press center of the Forces Defense of the South by Natalia Gumenyuk in a telethon on the TSN YouTube channel.

According to Gumenyuk, in the countries adjacent to Ukraine, for example, in Romania, they take the threat that bear similar attacks, carried out dangerously close to the borders.

The speaker of the OK South” emphasized that the enemies have repeatedly used the state border line, including along the Danube River, trying to enter  goals in Ukraine, and trying with this method to eliminate the danger for the “Geranium-2-Shaheds.”

Gumenyuk recalled: in Romania has already felt the consequences of the Russian aggression on the territory of this state not  since Russian-Iranian drones fell, and for this reason, protective measures that put air defense forces in a state of high alert are a completely adequate response to the behavior of Putin’s army.

Earlier we wrote about that , how the Ukrainian Navy assessed the likelihood of a missile salvo against Ukraine on February 11.

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