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He has only two options ahead – Zelensky spoke harshly about Putin's future

ByJohn Newman

Feb 18, 2024

Today, February 17, President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky spoke at the 60th anniversary of the Munich Security Conference, which is an international platform for discussing relevant policies.

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He has only two options ahead — Zelensky spoke harshly about Putin's future

Photo – rbc.ua

O&nbsp ;the fact that, according to Ukrainian leader Vladimir Zelensky, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin has only two options in the future – to end up in the dock at the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague or to be liquidated by one of his own “retinues,” writes NBN, referring to the broadcast of the Munich Conference, hosted by the DW YouTube channel.

According to Zelensky, one can have different attitudes towards international structures, but the ICC warrant for the arrest of Putin, issued for the abduction and forced deportation of children from Ukraine, clearly demonstrates where the career of the Kremlin tyrant should end.

The President of Ukraine emphasized:

He has only two options ahead—to be in the dock in the Hague or to be killed by one of his henchmen.

Zelensky added that due to Putin’s prolonged self-isolation and his complete impunity, the Russian dictator has completely degraded, in particular, “he is now openly justifying Hitler, saying that he not to blame for the Second World War.” In addition, Putin has already made human genocide a standard practice in his foreign policy.

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