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How many Ukrainians returned home in 2023 – statistics

ByJohn Newman

Jan 3, 2024

Despite the prevailing opinion that, contrary to the statements of the majority of Ukrainian refugees about their intentions to return to the country, only no more than 30 percent will actually implement such plans, real statistics show different figures.

How many Ukrainians returned home in 2023 — statistics

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About the fact that over the course of 11 months last year, more than 32 million border crossings were recorded, and the difference between those who left and those who returned is less than 1 percent, writes NBN, citing information released by the Internet platform Opendatabot.

How it became It is known that in less than 2023, 14 million citizens returned, and 14.1 million left Ukraine—the difference was 142 thousand. people, which is 15 times less than in the first year after the full-scale aggression of the Russian Federation against our country (2.2 million people remained in other countries).

It should be noted that in the beginning In 2023, citizens of Ukraine more often left unsafe regions than returned, but already in mid-summer this dynamic changed—the peak of return emigration occurred in April (plus 114 thousand citizens) and August (plus 144 thousand citizens) ;thousand citizens).

How many Ukrainians returned home in 2023 - statistics

We previously wrote about the fact that the Czech government plans to pay money for the voluntary return of Ukrainians home.


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