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How the attitude of Poles to the provision of benefits for refugees from Ukraine has changed – opinion poll

ByJohn Newman

Feb 12, 2024

The Polish Sejm extended the provision of a special law on assistance to refugees from Ukraine until June 30, 2024. A sociological study showed whether Polish citizens support the provision of benefits for migrants from a neighboring country.

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How has the Poles' attitude towards providing benefits for refugees from Ukraine changed - opinion poll

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The University of Warsaw conducted a survey of Polish citizens regarding the provision of benefits to Ukrainian refugees at the expense of the state. The results of the study showed that compared to April 2022, the number of respondents who support the provision of assistance to displaced people decreased by 12%.

NBN reports this with reference to the Polish publication Rzeczpospolita.

It is reported that 53% of respondents are against funding benefits for children from Ukraine, 47% of respondents do not support equal access of refugees to social assistance. Also, 44% of Poles do not want the state to finance food and accommodation for Ukrainian citizens.

Only 21% of respondents believe that Warsaw should continue to provide benefits to Ukrainian immigrants. In April 2022, such respondents were 50%, and only 20% of Poles were against helping citizens of a neighboring country.

Note that the willingness to help Ukraine is also decreasing in Germany, which is confirmed by the results of the opinion poll.


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