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How to eat during New Year's feasts to avoid health problems: 4 tips from a nutritionist

Winter holidays among Ukrainians are often accompanied by feasts, during which it is difficult to deny yourself your favorite dishes. Nutritionist and nutritionist Oksana Skitalinskaya told how to eat during this period to avoid bloating, side pain and other digestive problems.

How to eat during New Year's feasts to avoid health problems: 4 tips from a nutritionist

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Nutritionist advises drinking more water during the holidays. This will help reduce the desire to eat and improve digestion. It is also worth including water with lemon, pomegranate or viburnum and unsweetened uzvar in the menu, reports NBN with a link to the expert’s Facebook page.

Salads with mayonnaise, jellied meat, fried homemade sausage, etc. are often placed on the festive table. sweets with cream or condensed milk. According to Skitalinskaya, fried foods and such desserts will almost instantly bring the body to the state of type 2 diabetes.

The nutritionist advises stewing or baking food for the holiday, and for dessert preparing homemade marshmallows, jelly, dumplings with cherries or strudel .

The expert recalled the importance of consuming fiber, which helps remove everything unnecessary – sugar, fat, alcohol. It is found in vegetables, greens, cereals, berries, fruits and legumes. If you have intestinal problems, it is better to stew or bake these foods.

The nutritionist does not recommend drinking strong alcohol. According to her, drinking alcohol during a feast will cause additional stress for the brain and liver. If you do not intend to deny yourself a glass, choose dry wine, which you alternate with water.

Remember, the nutritionist told us how to eat in winter so as not to gain extra pounds.


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