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Ignat spoke about the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ readiness to switch to the F-16, naming the likely number of aircraft

Recently, information appeared in foreign media that the first batch of F-16 fighters will be transferred to Ukraine in June of this year, and, despite the fact that the Air Force has not officially confirmed such data, the readiness of the infrastructure and pilots of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has already reported.

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About the fact that it is still little known exactly when the army of our country will be provided with the F-16, but Ukrainian pilots will be able to switch from the “Soviet legacy” to American aircraft quite quickly, writes NBN, referring to  statement by the representative of the Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Colonel Yuriy Ignat, published by Ukrinform.

According to Ignat, now no one knows exactly when Ukraine will have F-16s, but it can be said that the Air Force expects these fighters “as soon as possible.” However, it is also known that not the most modern modifications of the F-16 will be sent to Ukraine, and they will not immediately give a large number, but less than “40, 70, or 120” aircraft.”

Speaker The Air Force added that the process of training pilots continues, and they are “already flying, performing flights in the sky, accompanied by instructors. In particular, at first our pilots are required to fully master aircraft technology, learn to fly independently, without instructors, and in the meantime, Ukraine is able to switch to the F-16 on an emergency basis, as no other state has been able to do before. in the world, but one should not expect that “the planes will come, and all is victory.”

Earlier, we wrote about how Ignat explained the recent decline in the occupiers’ aviation activity.

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