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In Russia, “theses” from Putin’s scandalous interview with Carlson will be used to teach schoolchildren

Not long ago, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin gave a lengthy interview to the American pseudo-journalist-Trumpist Tucker Carlson, in which he once again noted “historical” references, trying to justify the invasion of Ukraine, and, as it turned out, this “legendary” » the report formed the basis of a new method of “zombifying” minor representatives of local society.

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NBN writes, citing the Center for National Resistance (CNS).

As it became known, this practice was introduced on the instructions of the authorities of the aggressor country—a mass of Russian schools were sent a “manual” for re-educating children based on the materials of Putin’s scandalous interview with an American “journalist.”

It should be noted that that the document was published on the state portal “Unified Lesson of the Russian Federation”, recommending that teachers study the interview together with schoolchildren, and don’t forget to hold “discussions” in classes on the topic of the conversation between Putin and Carlson, thus attracting children to the conversation. “research projects” based on the dictator’s “fairy tales”, and then analyze them as a media text.

The authors of this manual suggest that the interview will “help” schoolchildren better understand “the position of the Russian Federation on the world stage”, thereby expanding “critical thinking.”

We previously wrote about Zelensky telling what he thought about Putin’s ridiculous interview with Tucker Carlson.

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