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In the USA, a disappointing scenario for Avdiivka was announced and the reason was given

ByJohn Newman

Feb 15, 2024

In the United States of America they made a very disappointing forecast for the situation that may develop in Avdiivka in the near future, and also announced the reason why all this will happen.

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In the USA they announced a disappointing scenario for Avdiivka and named the reason

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As NBN reports with reference to a statement by John Kirby, coordinator of the White House National Security Council, which he made during a briefing.

So, according to him, Avdievka may end up under the complete control of the Russian invaders, since The Ukrainian Armed Forces do not have enough artillery shells. The US Congress must immediately approve new aid for the Ukrainian state.

He said, in particular, that incredibly intense fighting is now taking place in the east of the Ukrainian state. In particular, this applies to the situation around Avdiivka.  

Verbatim from the statement voiced by Kirby:

Unfortunately, the Ukrainians report that the situation is critical. The Russian Federation continues to put pressure on the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine every day. Avdeevka may end up under Russian control. This is largely due to the fact that Ukrainian troops on the ground do not have artillery ammunition, they are simply running out.

In addition, the official recalled that since Congress has not yet approved new funding assistance to the Ukrainian state for 60 billion dollars, the States cannot transfer to the defenders of Ukraine those artillery shells for attacks by the Russian Federation.  

Kirby also added that Russian troops have now reached the Ukrainian fortification in Avdiivka and are beginning to overcome the defenses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. And the cost of Congress’s inaction can be enormous.

Recall that we have previously written that the Rada proposes to pay defenders extra for the demilitarization of enemy military equipment.


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