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In Ukraine, the cost of the “golden product” has changed sharply: what are the prices for eggs in February

ByJohn Newman

Feb 3, 2024

The cost of ordinary chicken eggs in Ukrainian stores has increased record-breakingly since the fall of 2022: according to State Statistics Service data, within 1 year, the product has risen in price by more than 80 percent, reaching a price of 70 hryvnia/a dozen, but now this trend has reversed.

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The cost of the “golden product” has changed sharply in Ukraine: what are the prices for eggs in February

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NBN writes about the fact that prices for chicken eggs in supermarkets have dropped noticeably since the end of January 2024, citing monitoring carried out by the thematic portal “Ministry of Finance”.

In particular, at the moment prices for eggs in large chain stores, on average, range from 57.5 hryvnia to 59.5 hryvnia/one dozen, or 106.07 hryvnia/18 -piece packaging, and also 176.2 hryvnia—for an extremely large package of 30 pieces.

Thus, we can conclude that a 30-piece tray fell in price the most during the month: back in January, on average, the same pack cost no less than 196.15 hryvnia.

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