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Insiders told how Microsoft will “motivate” users to buy licensed Windows 11

Windows 11 already has a lot of “hints” built into it for owners of an OS (operating system) without a license: a “watermark” in the lower right corner, reduced personalization options, and regular messages reminding them to purchase software ( software).

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The fact that the new Windows 11 update package contains a mention of functionality marked “msEdgeLockSettingsInNonActivatedOS”, which will significantly complicate the life of pirate users, writes NBN, citing material from Geektechinsider.

As it became known, the above utility will block the configuration of Microsoft Edge, provided that the person has refused to purchase a license: using the browser will become less convenient, since most of its functions will be inaccessible.

However, the Internet noticed – Microsoft will not achieve anything with such “innovations”, since users will simply stop opening MS Edge and download an alternative, for example, Google Chrome or another browser, just to avoid buying an expensive license.

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