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Inspired by Hungary – the Slovak President spoke sharply about her Prime Minister Fico's ties with Orban

Last fall, following the results of parliamentary elections in Slovakia, the Kurs-Social Democracy party, led by Robert Fico (Kremlin theses and pro-Russian rhetoric), came to power, who was immediately congratulated by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban (anti-Ukrainian position), calling him a “patriot” and a “friend.”

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About the critical remarks made by the President of Slovakia Zuzana Čaputova regarding judicial reform (there are problems with it and  from Orbán, for which the EU did not want to allocate funds to Hungary) and the promotion of the Kremlin’s narratives by its Prime Minister Robert Fico, writes NBN, citing material from the Financial Times.

Based on Caputova's words, Robert Fico regularly tests the boundaries of democracy, with attempts to introduce his views on judicial reform, and is also distinguished by constant attacks on the Constitutional Court. In addition, the President of Slovakia clearly made a comparison between her own prime minister and his Hungarian counterpart Orban.

In particular, Caputava emphasized:

Slovakia today is quite often compared to Hungary, and it seems obvious that Fico's government draws some inspiration from Hungary.

Our news portal previously reported on what the media reported , which Hungarian Prime Minister Orban recently actively urged American ex-President Trump to do.

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