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Is the US really disposing of ATACMS instead of transferring them to Ukraine: what is the Pentagon saying?

The representative of the United States Department of Defense, General Pat Ryder, commented on rumors in the media that Washington intends to dispose of long-range ATACMS missiles instead of transferring these weapons to Ukraine to fight Russian occupiers.

Photo – AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

On Thursday, On January 4, during a briefing in Washington, a Pentagon representative spoke about journalists' reports regarding the disposal of US ATACMS instead of transferring these long-range missiles to Kiev, NBN reports.

According to the general, he saw relevant publications in the press . A representative of the American defense department said that media materials about Washington's intention to dispose of ATACMS installations and missiles are untrue.

Note that Newsweek previously wrote that the American authorities allegedly intend to turn ATACMS installations and hundreds of M39 and M39A1 missiles into scrap metal expired, instead of sending them to Ukrainian defenders.

As reported, the German government responded to calls for Berlin to transfer the Taurus to Ukraine. The politician answered whether anything had changed in the issue of providing these cruise missiles to Kyiv.

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