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ISW explained what is behind Medvedev’s statements about the borders of the Russian Federation, which “end nowhere”

ByJohn Newman

Mar 5, 2024

The Washington Institute for the Study of War analyzed the statements of the former President of the Russian Federation, Deputy Head of the Security Council Dmitry Medvedev about the borders of the aggressor country, which “don’t end anywhere.” Analysts explained what is behind Putin's ally's statements about the Kremlin's territorial goals.

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ISW told what is behind Medvedev’s statements about the borders of the Russian Federation, which “end nowhere”

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The former leader of the Russians spoke at the World Youth Festival forum in Sochi, voicing Moscow’s territorial claims to Ukraine . The ISW report notes that during his lecture, Medvedev also made it clear that the Kremlin is aiming not only at seizing a neighboring state, NBN reports.

On the screen behind the ex-President of the Russian Federation, forum participants were shown a hypothetical English-language map of Eastern Europe, which the deputy head of the Security Council first showed on his Telegram channel in July 2022. It depicts the territories of Western Ukraine as part of Poland, Hungary and Romania, and the Ukrainian state exists only within the Kiev region.

In this way, Medvedev decided to reinforce the Kremlin’s narrative that the states of Eastern Europe have territorial claims to the western regions Ukraine. At the same time, American analysts believe that the statements of Putin’s comrade-in-arms should also alert countries that are located near Russia.

The scandalous politician noted that the borders of the Russian Federation supposedly “don’t end anywhere.” It is possible that Moscow has territorial claims to parts of Poland, Moldova, Finland and Romania, which were once part of the former Russian Empire.

Recall that during the speech, the former Russian leader called Ukraine “an integral part RF.”


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