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ISW explained what tactical move allowed Putin’s army to capture Avdievka

At this stage of the war, the Ukrainian Armed Forces do not stop conducting a defensive operation in the Avdiivka direction, having retreated to pre-prepared positions near Orlovka.

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About the fact that, as a result of individual units of the occupiers learning the lessons learned during the early offensive operations in Ukraine, some forces of Putin’s troops were able to adapt and carry out the capture of Avdievka in the Donetsk region, writes NBN, referring to the Institute of Study war (ISW).

ISW analysts pointed to a study conducted by Ukrainian military observer Konstantin Mashovets, who published a retrospective of the stages of the Russian attempts to occupy Avdiivka. In particular, the Russian occupation forces were able to carry out a tactical regrouping, and shifted the focus of their offensive actions from the northern zone of the Avdeevka coke plant (northwest of the city), to areas to the northeast of this settlement.

In addition, the “liberators” chose a favorable moment for themselves, without waiting until the Defense Forces fully realized that the “tactical focus” of the Russian Armed Forces had shifted somewhat, despite wide visibility along the entire front line on Avdeevsky direction.

The Institute for the Study of War emphasizes that such a situation does not at all indicate an expansion of the potential of the troops of a terrorist state, but rather indicates their adaptation to actions only on certain sectors of the front. p>

For example, the ongoing tactical failures of Putin’s army throughout Ukraine show that the Russian generals not only did not master, but also did not apply all the possibilities learned from the lessons of all occupier groups fighting with Ukraine .

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