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ISW explained why the destruction of Russian strategic aviation will not solve the problem of lack of air defense in Ukraine

On the morning of Friday, April 19, in the sky over the Stavropol Territory of the Russian Federation, the Main Intelligence Directorate and the Armed Forces of Ukraine shot down an enemy strategic bomber Tu-22M3, which was launching Kh-22/Kh-32 missiles across Ukraine.

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About the fact that Ukraine’s air defense potential remains limited and depleted, thereby allowing Russian aircraft to operate freely, without feeling threatened, on the most important sectors of the front, thereby supporting the offensive of Putin’s army, writes NBN, citing the Institute for Study war (ISW).

According to military analysts, the ability of Russian aviation to penetrate to a depth of more than 100 kilometers into Ukrainian airspace near the front line, without incurring any significant losses, indicates one thing. — Our country’s air defense systems in such areas are still insufficient. It is precisely this “gap” that does not allow us to fully contain, or even prevent Russian aircraft from operating on the front line.

In addition, the ability of the Defense Forces to carry out long-range strikes that “land” Russian strategic aircraft conducting combat operations will only be able to limit Russian aviation operations in the short term, as was recorded after the previous liquidation of similar enemy aircraft. Thus, ISW emphasized, this strike potential of our country is “not able to compensate for the critical air defense deficit of Ukraine.”

Also, Ukrainian troops are still forced to use the remnants of equipment when deploying their limited air defense systems on some more important sectors of the front, but not on others, which opens up opportunities for Russian aviation to carry out more consistent and operational “achievements on the ground,” in particular, supporting the advance of the “second army of the world” at Chasovoy Yar.

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