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ISW found out why Putin refused to promote the usual ideology of the “Russian world”

ByJohn Newman

Jan 28, 2024

The Kremlin tyrant Vladimir Putin for a long time intended to create ideal narratives for the Russian Federation that could maximally, without regular “stuffing”, support the geopolitical situation with Western countries, and, apparently, precisely after the invasion of Ukraine , Moscow decided to change the “manual.”

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ISW found out why Putin refused to promote the usual ideology of the “Russian world”

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About for what reason the Russian political elite was forced to abandon promote the so-called “Russian world”, deciding to present the Russian Federation as a “fighter against global Nazism”, writes “NBN”, referring to “Institute of Study war” (ISW).

ISW analysts note that the bet previously made on the “Russian world” is at this stage somewhat inconsistent with the multinational composition of the Russian Federation, and therefore Moscow is more intensively trying to emphasize its own position as a key figure in the “world majority”, defining itself as a “civilizational and cultural community objectively opposed” to the West.

In particular, the above-described adjustment of the Kremlin’s foreign policy, apparently, is caused by the fact that some of the countries from this “world majority” , it seems, they don’t want to take part in the creation of the “Russian world,” but they agree to join the “fight against Nazism.”

The Institute for the Study of War is confident— Moscow will be able to designate any potential enemy, and probably all Western states, either as Nazis or as their followers: for example, on the 80th anniversary of the breaking of the siege of Leningrad, Putin emphasized that in Ukraine his army is fighting precisely with the Nazis. “Nazis.”

We previously wrote about the fact that ISW revealed Russia’s methods of using “Texas independence” to destabilize the United States.


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