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ISW pointed out the lies in the Russian Federation’s statements about the “successes” of Putin’s army on several sectors of the front (map)

The day before, dubious statements were made from Russian “military correspondents” – supposedly the “liberators” were able to advance several hundred meters in depth in the vicinity of the village of Terny (west of Kremennaya), capturing a number of unspecified strongholds of the defenders of our country.

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NBN writes that in fact such statements do not correspond to reality, citing the Washington Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

As ISW analysts note, positional battles did not stop: the north -east of Kupyansk near Sinkovka; northwest of Svatovo near Tabaevka; west of Kremennaya near Yampolovka and Ternov; south of Kremennaya near Belogorovka and Verkhnekamensky.

In addition, it is unlikely that Putin's army advanced into the vicinity of Bakhmut against the backdrop of positional battles, since misinformation from Russian propagandists regarding the capture of an unspecified forest area north of Bogdanovka and an insignificant advance at Ivanovsky appears to be – false. In in particular, the Institute for the Study of War does not record visual evidence regarding the “successes” of the invaders in any of the specified areas.

In addition to all of the above, another Russian “military blogger” clearly deceived by claiming&nbsp ;— the invaders managed to advance near Novomikhailovka.

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Earlier, we wrote about what ISW called the purpose of the trade in Ukrainian prisoners between Russian invaders.

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