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It will be more difficult to avoid spring vitamin deficiency: cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers have noticeably increased in price in Ukraine

By the end of the final month of winter, the price tags for vegetables on the shelves of large chain stores in our country, as expected, were adjusted, which is certainly caused by the seasonal factor.

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NBN informs about the current cost of cucumbers, tomatoes and sweet peppers in supermarkets, citing on the thematic portal “Ministry of Finance”.

For example, cucumbers, on average, will cost 166.8 hryvnia/kilogram: for a smooth variety you will have to pay more, 194.83 hryvnia/kilogram, a long-fruited variety— 169 hryvnia/kilogram, a prickly variety— 172.5 hryvnia/kilogram, and greenhouse cultivation – 129.9 hryvnia/kilogram.

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The average cost of red tomatoes is set at 100.45 hryvnia/kilogram: at “Varus” it is 84.9 hryvnia/kilogram, and at “MegaMarket” it is 123 hryvnia/kilogram. At the same time, the pink variety can be bought, on average, for 121.66 hryvnia/kilogram: from “Metro” for 114.31 hryvnia/kilogram, and from “Auchana”— 129 hryvnia/kilogram. Tomatoes of the “slivka” variety are now sold at a price of 102.45 hryvnia/kilogram.

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Prices for yellow bell peppers, on average, reached a level of 214.3 hryvnia/kilogram: “Varus” — 199.9 hryvnia/kilogram, and “Metro”—228.7 hryvnia/kilogram.

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Earlier, we informed that experts named products whose cost in Ukraine will increase from March.

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