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It would be better for us if Germany, supporting the Ukrainians, gave money to the budget of Ukraine – Zelensky

ByJohn Newman

Jan 31, 2024

Ukrainian leader Vladimir Zelensky made a statement that when European countries support Ukraine financially, these funds usually remain abroad. But aid, according to him, should go to the state budget, and only then Ukraine will independently distribute these funds among people.

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It would be better for us if Germany, supporting the Ukrainians, gave money to the budget of Ukraine – Zelensky

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As NBN writes, the Ukrainian leader said this during an interview with the German television channel ARD.

Discussing this situation with a journalist from a German television channel, Zelensky said:

If the government strives to help Ukrainians, that is, such a moment, for example, some person has left and is abroad and receives support from Germany. We are grateful for your support of our citizens. However, it happens that this person receives support from Germany, as well as from us. Well, it happens like that. I’m not talking about our Ukrainians in Germany now. I'll summarize this for you. And that’s why I always said that it would be much better for us if Germany supported the Ukrainians by giving money to the budget of Ukraine, and after that Ukraine would redistribute this money depending on where this person is located.

In addition, the head of the Ukrainian state emphasized that as of today, part of Ukraine’s money remained in Europe, since it was taken there by Ukrainians who fled home from the war.

Then Europe began to support Ukraine on its territory, and all the money with which it supported our citizens remained abroad in the economy of one state or another, — Zelensky emphasized.  

Finally, he added that Ukrainian money left with the people, and European funds remained where Ukrainian citizens remained. Outside the territory of Ukraine. I don't have any questions.

The only thing is, I just wish we would pay attention to this. When the whole world declares financial support for Ukraine, I would like to pay attention to where most of this money remains, — concluded the President of Ukraine.

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