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“Kadyrovites” have established and control drug trafficking in the Donetsk region – CNS

A large-scale wave of distribution of various narcotic substances has covered some temporarily occupied territories (HERE) of Ukraine.

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Photo – sprotyv.

About the fact that, in accordance with the information of Ukrainian partisans, the Donetsk region has become the most vulnerable to such problems, writes NBN, citing material from the Center for National Resistance (CNS) ).

As it became known, it is in the Donbass, during the last years of occupation, that global supply chains from the Russian Federation are actively operating, including the production and distribution of various drugs, which, for the most part, are controlled and protected by “Kadyrov’s gang formations.”

It is assumed that this became possible due to the recruitment of drug addicts into the ranks of the Russian occupation forces, who find means for their vice by cruel actions against the local population, that is, robbery . In addition, the invaders “clean out” pharmacies and deal with pharmacists if they are unable or unwilling to issue the “necessary drugs.”

At the same time, the occupation “authorities” and collaborators only create imitation of the fight against drug trafficking the other day, for the purpose of “show off”, a medical worker was detained, allegedly involved in drug distribution: more than 10 kilograms of illegal drugs were found at the dealer at home.

Earlier we wrote about what factors provoke the “moral decay” of invaders in Donetsk region.

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