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KIIS announced how many Ukrainians trust Syrsky: the director of the institute, Grushetsky, commented on the result

At the beginning of this month, February 2024, 35 percent of Ukrainians did not know who Alexander Syrsky was. Another 48 percent of our country’s population had not heard of it in December 2023. At the same time, forty percent of Ukrainians trust the new commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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Such survey results, as NBN writes, were published on the official website of the Kiev International Institute of Sociology (KIIS).

So, from the published result From the survey, we can conclude that formally forty percent of all respondents trust Syrsky. Another twenty-one percent do not trust. About four percent of respondents were undecided on their attitude.   

At the same time, thirty-five percent of Ukrainians did not know Syrsky in February. and in December 48% had not heard of it. If we take among those who know Syrsky, then in February 62 percent of those surveyed trusted him, and 32 percent did not trust him. In December, such statistics were almost the same 62/29 percent.

In turn, executive director of KIIS Anton Grushetsky commented on the results of the study as follows:

It is very fundamentally important that the new commander-in-chief has the trust of population, and the story of Zaluzhny’s resignation did not affect the indicators of trust in Syrsky.

Recall that we previously wrote about how Zaluzhny’s dismissal affected the rating of Ukrainians’ trust in Zelensky.

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