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Kuleba accused the allies of Ukraine's lack of ammunition: what Europe should do to solve the problem

The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Dmitry Kuleba, accused Western partners of the lack of ammunition in the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The diplomat believes that to solve this problem, Europe must stop supplying shells to third countries, providing them to Kiev.

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The head of the Foreign Ministry said that every cartridge produced in Europe should serve to protect it. In this regard, the diplomat called on European states to suspend contracts for the export of shells with third countries and begin to transfer all ammunition to Ukraine, NBN reports with reference to RND.

The head of the foreign ministry accused Kiev’s Western partners of the shortage of shells in APU. According to Kuleba, Ukraine’s allies began late to increase the production of ammunition, launch new production lines and enter into long-term contracts.

The Minister noted that now Ukraine is paying for the mistakes of its partners and is making every effort to ensure that they purchase for the Armed Forces of Ukraine shells in third countries.

At the same time, three states, as Western media previously reported, are blocking the European Union’s attempts to purchase ammunition for the Ukrainian army outside the organization.

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