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Kuleba commented on the US State Department’s statement on reducing funding for Ukraine

ByJohn Newman

Jan 5, 2024

Not long ago, a representative of the US State Department informed Matthew Miller that his country does not intend to provide military support to Ukraine at the level of 2022-2023, since our state must expand its own military-industrial complex.

Kuleba commented on the statement US State Department on reducing funding for Ukraine

Photo – ukrinform.ua

About how the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry responded to  This is Miller’s “message,” writes NBN, referring to the commentary of Foreign Ministry Speaker Oleg Nikolenko, published in Evropeyskaya Pravda.

According to Nikolenko, Miller’s above-described message should not be taken as an explicit desire The United States will cut back support for Kiev, since at the moment Washington is openly showing a clear understanding of the critical need to provide our country with comprehensive, both military and financial assistance, “so that we can win.”

Speaker The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry added that Miller pointed to a “transformation of assistance” only when Ukraine can independently meet its own needs.

Nikolenko emphasized:

And while we need support, it is extremely important that the US Congress decide as quickly as possible on further funding for Ukraine in the declared amount.

We previously wrote about&nbsp ;that Kirby stated that the United States has run out of budget funds to help Ukraine.


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