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Kuleba named 4 key topics that Zelensky discussed at the NATO summit

ByJohn Newman

Jul 11, 2024

Head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dmitry Kuleba listed the key topics that Ukrainian leader Vladimir Zelensky discussed at the North Atlantic Treaty Organization summit in Washington during bilateral meetings with partners.

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Kuleba named 4 key topics that Zelensky discussed at the NATO summit

Photo – facebook.com/UkraineMFA

The head of the foreign policy department in an interview with Channel 24 said that At the NATO summit in the US capital, the head of state held a number of bilateral meetings with partner countries, in particular with Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, NBN reports.

According to the diplomat, Zelensky discussed with representatives of other states four key themes. The President spoke about the further development of the Peace Formula so that no one would impose any “peace plans” on Kyiv.

The Minister noted that the guarantor raised the issue of strengthening Ukrainian air defense, as well as lifting the ban on the use of Western weapons by the Armed Forces of Ukraine for attacks on targets on the territory of the Russian Federation.

In addition, during the negotiations, the head of state spoke about our country’s accession to the EU, in particular, so that the European integration of Ukraine would move as quickly as possible and there would be no attempts to somehow slow down.

Earlier, the Foreign Minister told how the Kremlin dictator framed the head of the Hungarian government, Viktor Orban, with a rocket attack on a children's hospital in Kyiv.


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