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Kyivstar hack: a representative of the operator commented on the information about the leak of personal data of clients

ByJohn Newman

Jan 6, 2024

The other day, the head of the SBU Cyber ​​Security Department, Ilya Vityuk, announced that a hacker group from the Russian Federation penetrated the system of the national telecommunications operator Kyivstar back in the spring of 2023, and carried out a large-scale attack only on December 12 – cyberterrorists had time to leak important information, primarily subscriber information.

Photo – 24tv.ua

NBN writes that this mobile operator is refuting rumors regarding the continued presence of hackers in the company’s internal system, including access to personal data of subscribers, citing an explanation published on the Facebook account of Kyivstar representative Irina Lelichenko. .

According to Lelichenko, the open process of investigating the cyber attack on Kyivstar has not been completed—various incident scenarios are now being studied, but until the investigative measures are fully completed, none of them are ;may be considered completed.

In addition, all information regarding the stages of the hacking investigation is regularly published on the official website of the SBU, which is directly involved in this process—so far there are no facts about the “leaking” of personal data Ukrainians were never detected.

Also, Kyivstar has already integrated advanced cyber protection tools, in particular, strengthening access control, introducing various control systems for servers/workstations, and has worked out the next steps regarding ;strengthening cybersecurity.

Earlier, we informed that the SBU disclosed additional details about the hacking of Kyivstar.


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