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Large-scale strike on Ukraine: the Air Force reported how many of the 151 enemy targets were shot down

ByJohn Newman

Mar 22, 2024

On the night of this Friday, March 22, the Russian occupation forces carried out a massive combined missile and air strike on the critical infrastructure of our country.

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Large-scale strike on Ukraine: the Air Forces reported how many of 151 enemy targets were shot down

Photo – rbc.ua

About how many enemy targets were able to be “landed” by fighters of anti-aircraft missile units with the support of soldiers of mobile fire groups, thanks to the use of forces and means of air defense and electronic warfare, writes NBN, referring to a report published in ;official Telegram account of the Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

As it became known, Putin’s troops launched a total of 151 missiles and UAVs across Ukraine:

  • 63 kamikaze drones “Geran- 2/Shahed”;
  • 12 ballistic “Iskander-M”;
  • 40 air-launched winged X-101/X-555;
  • 5  cruise Kh-22;
  • 7 hypersonic “Daggers”;
  • 2 adjustable air missiles Kh-59;
  • 22 modified missiles from the S-300 air defense system /S-400.

According to the results of the battle, the corresponding formations of the Defense Forces of our country eliminated 92 enemy targets:

  • 55 “Geraney-2/Shahedov” ;
  • 35 winged X-101/X-555;
  • 2 adjustable air missiles X-59.

Earlier we wrote about&nbsp ;that the Ministry of Energy reported the consequences of today's strike on Ukraine.


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