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Lava eruption occurs very close to urban areas: a new volcanic eruption has begun in Iceland (PHOTO)

Photographs taken from Coast Guard helicopters show lava eruptions occurring very close to urban areas.

Photo – liga. net

As NBN reports, the National Meteorological Service informed that on January 14, a new volcanic eruption began near the Icelandic city of Grindavik.

According to the information released by seismologists, at night, or more precisely at 03:00 local time, the evacuation of the local population was announced from Grindavik.

Photographs taken from coast guard helicopters show that lava emissions are occurring nearby with urban development.

As far as we know, less than a month ago, on the eighteenth of December 2023, the previous eruption occurred near Grindavik.

Recall that we previously wrote that scientists predicted the eruption of the largest volcano on earth.

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