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Lubinets explained the purpose of the Russian Federation “promoting” the topic of Ukraine’s refusal to continue prisoner exchanges

ByJohn Newman

Mar 16, 2024

The last, 51st exchange of prisoners of war between Ukraine and Russia took place on Thursday, February 8th – then another 100 defenders of our country were returned home, and after that the process stopped.

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Photo – facebook.com /dmytro.lubinets

NBN writes about the fact that Moscow is directly using the issue of prolonging the exchange process of prisoners of war against Kiev, intending to destabilize the situation inside Ukraine, citing an explanation published in the official Telegram channel of the Ombudsman (parliamentary official who protects human rights) Dmitry Lubints.

According to Lubints, the Russian Federation began to “throw in” disinformation about the exchange of prisoners of war to undermine the social and political situation in the country. For example, now the enemies are calling the relatives of captured defenders en masse, and are reporting that the Russian Federation is supposedly fully ready to return “your loved one,” but it is Ukraine that does not want to take him away.

Thus, Russia provokes the families of prisoners of war to hold actions and rallies, indirectly calling for blocking streets and blocking administrative buildings, explaining that such measures will allegedly force the Ukrainian authorities to “carry out” exchanges.

The Ombudsman emphasized:

However, Ukraine has never stopped metabolic processes!

Earlier we wrote about the fact that the GUR revealed details of Moscow's operation “Perun”, aimed at destabilizing the situation in Ukraine.


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