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Mass deportation of Ukrainians from the occupation: the Central Tax Service reported details of the Kremlin’s plans

ByJohn Newman

Feb 14, 2024

Similar practices were regularly used by the Soviet regime, however, even now these methods are successfully adopted by the Russian “authorities” in the temporarily occupied territories (TOT) of our country.

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Mass deportation of Ukrainians from the occupation: the CNS reported details about the Kremlin's plans

Photo – sprotyv.mod.gov.ua

About the fact that Moscow does not stop “putting into practice” the predictable strategy of ethnic cleansing of Ukrainian society on the HERE, writes NBN, citing detailed material from the Center for National Resistance (CNS).

As it became known, within the framework of the “first stage”, the so-called “liberators” planned to carry out systemic filtration measures, intending to “squeeze out” the patriotic local population immediately after the completion of the “presidential race” in the Russian Federation (after March 17 of this year).

The “second stage” provides for the mass deportation of Ukrainians to the territory of the aggressor country, with the aim of replacing the usual ethnic composition of the BOT. It is assumed that instead of Ukrainians, the invaders will bring “pure Russians”, since they planned to significantly complicate the reintegration of temporarily occupied territories for Ukraine after liberation.

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