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Medvedev dreamed about the “de-occupation” of four “Russian” cities and started talking about negotiations with Ukraine

Former President of the Russian Federation, Deputy Head of the Security Council Dmitry Medvedev again spoke about the goals of the war against Ukraine, dreaming of “liberating” four cities of the neighboring country. Putin’s ally also spoke about negotiations with Kiev.

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The former head of the aggressor country traditionally made his absurd statements about the war unleashed by the Russian Federation in Ukraine in his Telegram channel, NBN reports.

Medvedev said that the so-called “special operation” will continue and its goals remain “demilitarization” of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, “displacement of the Bandera regime” and Kiev’s rejection of the “ideology of neo-Nazism”, which will supposedly be carried out.

In Once again, an ally of the Kremlin dictator called Kyiv, Odessa, Kharkov, Dnieper and other temporarily captured Ukrainian cities “Russian”. The deputy head of the Security Council dreamed that the troops of the aggressor country would soon “liberate” these settlements.

Medvedev also accused Kyiv of abandoning the negotiation process with Moscow, noting that the Kremlin allegedly never refused dialogue. The ex-president of the Russian Federation believes that negotiations “are not limited in time” and can be conducted until Ukraine capitulates.

Earlier, Medvedev spoke cynically about the words of American leader Joe Biden about Ukraine’s victory in the war. ISW analysts explained what kind of rhetoric the Kremlin has returned to.

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