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Microsoft will forcefully update computers with Windows 11: which “builds” will be affected by the innovations

It often happens that in addition to eliminating various “bugs” or integrating redesigned functionality, patches for Windows bring unnecessary problems to owners of personal computers, and, apparently, Microsoft decided to ignore the opinions of some users who disabled “ automatic update.”

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About the fact that not long ago the American company announced the large-scale deployment of the 23H2 update, meaning the “forcible” installation of a patch on users’ “devices”, ignoring the desires of the latter, writes “NBN”, referring to the Technewsspace material.

As it became known, PCs/laptops/tablets running on Windows 11 in two versions—21H2 and 22H2—will be “distributed”. The first option ceased to be supported in October 2023, and the refusal to update the second is scheduled for October of this year.

It is assumed that the forced update is caused by the integration of a proprietary AI algorithm, which is the “guarantor” safe transition to a new version of the OS, and necessary to check the PC for compliance with the requirements of the current “build” of Windows 11.

In particular, such changes will reduce the risk of unexpected situations with the installation subsequent patches, probably because Microsoft will begin to regularly receive reports of errors on users’ “gadgets.”

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