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Military pensions: what payments will be given to defenders with disabilities in 2024

ByJohn Newman

Mar 10, 2024

Disability pension payments for ex-military personnel are established not only immediately due to injury during the performance of official duties, but also for 3 months after dismissal from the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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Pensions military: what payments are assigned to defenders with disabilities in 2024

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About the fact that the right Defenders who have become disabled due to diseases associated with military service are eligible for similar social assistance, writes NBN, referring to the official page of the PFU.

The amounts of the above pensions are based on a certain percentage of the amounts of cash allowances in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and are related to the causes and group of disability, in particular:

  • first group – 100 percent (received during hostilities) and 70 percent (outside of military operations)/social assistance from 13,605 hryvnia;
  • the second group – 80 and 60 percent, respectively/social assistance from 10,988 hryvnia;
  • the third group – 60 and 40 percent respectively/social assistance from 7,355 hryvnia.

Earlier we wrote about how the increase in the cost of living and indexation will affect pension payments of citizens from April.


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