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Missile strike on a training ground in the occupied Luhansk region: Russian media reported the losses of the invaders

ByJohn Newman

Mar 15, 2024

Russian media reported that on Wednesday, March 13, three missiles hit a test site in the territory of the temporarily occupied Lugansk region. It became known how many invaders were eliminated during the attack.

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Missile attack on a training ground in the occupied Lugansk region: Russian media called the losses of the invaders

Photo – zsu .gov.ua

The Russian Telegram channel “Kremlin Snuffbox”, citing its own sources, stated that as a result of a targeted strike from the HIMARS MLRS on a training ground near the village of Trekhizbenka in the Lugansk region, 14 invaders were eliminated, NBN reports “.

It is reported that the missiles carried out the “demilitarization” of not only the occupiers, but also two instructors who came from Moscow. Specialists were integrating drones into a unified tracking and combat control system.

The Russians suspect that the precise strike on the “liberators” training ground was carried out due to the “leaking” of information about the facility by one of the occupiers or one of the locals residents.

We would like to remind you that on the night of March 15, an oil refinery in the Kaluga region came under attack from a UAV. The media stated that the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine was behind the drone attack on the enterprise.


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