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Mobilization of 500,000 people: Umerov reported how many Ukrainians will be sent to the front

Not long ago, President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky reported that the high command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine demanded a “conscription” of 500,000 people in 2024, and similar innovations are provided for in the “mobilization” bill.

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About the fact that the approval of the bill on mobilization, which is currently being considered by the Defense Committee of the Verkhovna Rada, is needed to replace several hundred thousand defenders of our country who have been fighting on the front lines in recent years without respite, writes NBN “, referring to information provided by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine to the Financial Times.

As it became known, representatives of the Ukrainian defense department said that at first they plan to rotate only 330,000 Ukrainian Armed Forces soldiers, since they are seriously exhausted and need rest. The remaining supply of recruits will compensate for losses as needed, or “satisfy other military needs” associated with changes in the “situation on the battlefield.”

In addition, based on the words of Prime Minister Denis Shmygal, the immediate conscription of 500,000 people into the Armed Forces of Ukraine is hardly possible, since it will soon be possible to divide those liable for military service into two categories—those who fight, and those who work, filling the state budget.

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