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Morning attack on Lviv: OVA reported casualties and destruction

ByJohn Newman

Feb 15, 2024

On the morning of this Thursday, February 15th, during the sounding of air raid signals from 5 to 07 o'clock, to the zone controlled by the Air Command “West”, protecting the skies over the western regions of our country , included 14 missiles from Putin’s army, 8 of which were “landed” by the forces and means of our air defense.

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Morning attack on Lviv: the OVA reported casualties and destruction

Photo – t.me/kozytskyy_maksym_official

About the fact that one of the surviving enemy missiles disabled an important energy structure facility during the war ;Lvov, and also as a result of falling fragments of Russian ammunition, a fire broke out in an area occupying 150 square meters, the elimination of which took at least 2 hours, writes NBN, citing the official Telegram channel of the head of the local OVA, Maxim Kozitsky.

According to Kozitsky, the electrical substation was completely destroyed by a Russian missile hit, while the office premises supplied from it are now provided with electricity from generators. Also, according to preliminary information, there were no dead or injured at the specified facility.

However, another missile hit the ground in an area located between residential multi-story buildings, knocking out windows in almost 30 houses on 5 streets, and damaging several cars parked nearby.

In addition, 3 people living in the houses described above managed to seek medical help from specialists.

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