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Moscow is accelerating the training of junior officers: the Main Intelligence Directorate has revealed its goals

The military command of the aggressor country intends to massively strengthen the training process for junior lieutenants, including reducing the time required for proper training of potential occupiers.

Moscow speeds up the training of junior officers: goals have been revealed at the Main Intelligence Directorate

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About the fact that, due to plans drawn up by the Kremlin regarding the continuation of active hostilities in the coming year, the terrorist state is trying to strengthen the non  only the potential of its own assault units, through forced mobilization to the HERE of Ukraine, writes “NBN”, referring to the official page of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

As it became known, the above decision of Moscow was caused by significant losses of junior officers of the “second armies of the world” in the war with Ukraine: all Russians who have undergone accelerated training and received the initial officer rank are immediately thrown to the front line.

In addition, the Kremlin tyrant Vladimir Putin, apparently, is not  leaves alone the defeat of the Russian Black Sea Fleet in the Black Sea, inflicted by the defenders of Ukraine: among the “wishes” of the invaders for the year 2024 is to quickly prepare special groups to carry out sabotage and provocative actions in the free territories in the southern part of our country.< /p>

Earlier, we wrote about the fact that the GUR reported what disease is undermining the combat effectiveness of the RF troops in the Kupyansk direction.


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