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Mudryk’s transfer to one of the great EU clubs: the media revealed the details of the failed deal

ByJohn Newman

Feb 2, 2024

Despite the fact that the winger, who plays for London's Chelsea, regularly finds himself in uncomfortable situations on the field (for example, recently Mikhail Mudrik had a great opportunity to score a goal in the English Premier League match against “Liverpool”, but our legionnaire, finding himself in front of the enemy's goal, shot much higher), European top clubs were and are still interested in the Ukrainian almost on a regular basis.

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Photo – REUTERS/Toby Melville

About how the Ukrainian football player of the British Chelsea “Mudryk responded to rumors that the leadership of the German Bayern Munich showed special interest in him, as well as something else, writes NBN, citing the New Voice material.

According to Mudryk, Bayern Munich really came close to offering a transfer, having come into close contact with his representative—similarly, the Germans were looking for an ideal option to replace their injured midfielder Kingsley Coman, considering the possibility of signing the Ukrainian on a loan basis.

However, for a not fully known reason, the Munich team abandoned their intentions, deciding to speed up the arrival of Brian Zaragoza from FC Granada, who, alas, will be able to join into the Bayern squad only next summer, so the version with Mudrik could well come true.

Earlier we wrote about the fact that the former player of the English top clubs Sagna predicted a brilliant future for Mudryk at Chelsea.


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